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The Provenance  Collection

“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” – Hermann Hesse


This collection is inspired entirely by mindfulness, places where I feel free, calm, and recharged.

Walking on the beach, watching the waves, listening to the ripples, and smelling that fresh, crisp, cold air.

A walk to the woods, full of bird song and clean air, taking nature all in and feeling instantly recharged and ready to do more, be more creative and productive.

Each colour way is representing a different setting; historic city with rich architecture and character; dark and mysterious woodland setting; the calm stillness of the seaside with its natural tones, both warm and cold hues.

The designs are different than what you could expect from Knitluxe Studio- I was so excited to try out my new in-lay feeder on the machine, which allows me to create this ‘woven’ design within the knitted surface, vertical lines as well as horizontal and watch the colour gently blend, creating almost another colour rather than just the 2 knitting yarns.

All winter accessories are created with 100% the highest quality Supergeelong Lambswool, initially for sustainable reasons however as wool has many natural benefits and it is one of the world’s most technically advanced fibre and works in total harmony with the wearer’s body along with maximising the natural performance properties of wool.

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