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size guide

Garments are only available in limited sizes at the moment. If you wish to purchase any items in a different size, please get in touch directly.

Size S/M = UK 8 - 10

Size M/L = UK 12 - 14

knit care

Look after your knits the right way and they will last for many years to come.  As part of our finishing process, all Knitluxe Studio pieces are washed and pressed before they reach their new home.  This is really important as it relaxes the fibres and perfects and secures the carefully considered fit of each piece. 

Our Top Tips for Extrafine Merino garments and Geelong Lambswool accessories:

  • We recommend hand washing, however our knits can handle machine washing too on a gentle cycle or wool cycle at 30ºC (Look for the 'Woolmark approved logo' on your machine). Did you know, Lambswool gets softer with every wash? So much softness!

  • Use a delicate or wool specific detergent that is specifically developed for wool that has a low pH.- we always use Woolite

  • Add a small amount of fabric conditioner

  • Re-shape and dry flat  

  • Fold, don't hang. Knitted garments should be gently folded and stored in drawers.

  • Wool garments can be refreshed after unpacking or wearing by hanging them in a steamy bathroom. Moisture from the steam will remove wrinkles.

  • Rest wool garments for 24 hours before wearing again. This gives the natural resilience and spring in the wool fibre time to recover and return to its original shape. 

  • To remove odours, lay wool garments flat on a bed or towel for an hour.

  • Many wool garments do not require ironing, but very delicate and smooth fabrics may look better when pressed, Always use steam when pressing wool. Iron setting should be set on the wool setting.

  • Natural fibres are delicate and therefore some pilling may occur initially with the first few wears as the soft surface fibres rub together - use a lint roller or lint brush to gently remove them.

  • If you are planning to store your knitwear for a long time, place it in a sealable airtight bag. It is recommended that you store your knitwear gently folded flat, as hanging it up long term will result in stretching.

Why not read our blog on How to wash your woollens here.

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