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Pack of 3 Lavender Bags

Pack of 3 Lavender Bags

  • 100% Geelong Lambswool


  • designed and made in England by Szilvia


  • hand knitted on a vintage 12gg industrial Dubied knitting machine


  • filled with a generous amount of organic lavender


  • one size 9cm X 9.5cm approximately


  • if you choose colour option 'random' you will receive 3 Lavender Bags in 3 randon colours


  • Ordering and delivery

    Due to the handmade nature of all items, sizes are approximate & may vary slightly.

    All goods are sent via Royal Mail First Class post. Please allow 7-10 working days from purchasing, signature will be required on delivery.

  • Returns

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  • Using your lavender sachet

    • Stow a lavender sachet in drawers or closet to scent your clothes and keep insects away. 
    • Tuck a lavender sachet in your pillow to help you have a better night's sleep.
    • Keep a lavender sachet for your car is a pleasant alternative to commercial air fresheners.
    • Lavender sachets can be used as an alternative to mothballs to help repel moths.
    • Keep a lavender sachet in your bag. Take a couple of deep breaths of lavender soothing smell to relax your tiring brain. 

    To refresh the scent, gently rub the content of this pillow for a few seconds. You can also add a few drops of extra lavender oil when the scent gets weaker.

    Dry clean only