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The most personal collection yet

Read about what inspired my new, Budapest Collection winter accessories below.

The Budapest Collection

This past two years have been strange, uncertain and extremely hard.

I usually visit my family regularly but it wasn't possible for a while. If you follow my small business' journey you'll know that I love travel (and would love to do it more often than I am able) and that beautiful places inspire me and my work. I thought this year I would focus on getting my inspiration from nostalgia.

My happiest childhood memories come from my grandparents- my dad's parents. I spent a lot of time with them, being with them, going on trips and fishing with them and just having fun in general.

Sadly none of my grandparents are alive anymore and my grandma passed away last year and I could not attend the funeral.

My grandparents from my dad's side used to live in a 60's block of flats on the 9th floor.

I remember most of the details of their flat; the rooms, the furniture, the view but what is still my favourite: the mosaic decorations they had. There were colourful mosaic in the kitchen, just colours in random order however in the hallway there was a big picture of a dog all in mosaic. It used to mesmerise me; the colours, the construction, the repeats. I rememeber at some point I tried to count the pieces too! -I do not remember how far I got before loosing count.

Another interesting fact I noticed a good 10 years ago; I never appreciated my home city; Budapest as much as now. While living there (growing up actually) I did think it's beautiful of course but now I know it is The Most beautiful to me! These are just some of the many amazing locations in the capital of Hungary. I'm longing for the day when I can visit again!

Sampling for the new collection is definitely my favourite part of the design process. I always do some initial moodboard with a few colour combinations.

The Budapest Collection moodboard

Sampling and experimenting with colour combinations, pattern compositions and repeat

Visiting Budapest?

Just a few of my absolute favourite places to eat and drink when I go home to visit my family and friends:

Sugar Shop confectionary and gift shop http://sugarshop.hu/

Menza restaurant and cafe https://www.menzaetterem.hu/

Spoon The Boat restaurant and venue https://spoonboat.hu/


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