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The (K)nitty-gritty beginnings

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I have always loved creating and making, whether it was a drawing, a tattoo design, cards, scrapbooks, pottery and tiny ceramic ornaments or even fancy cupcakes.

After studying Art and Design in college, I've decided to do something fashion related in university. Having visited some universities and several courses, my heart was set on textiles design. It really fascinated me to create your own fabric and then turn it into garments; well, anything really if you wanted to do something else than clothes.

During my pathway rotation period I got to choose to further my studies either in printed textiles design, surface design or constructed textiles design, I chose the later and was extremely excited. I couldn't wait to start my second year as a knit student.

I was very eager to learn during my second year and spent all my time in the studio. I would be the first student there in the morning. I've learnt the tips and tricks on several of the knitting machines and love to experiment with new yarns!

Fabric samples from university during my second and third year

By the time I was a final year student, I've had a clear a clear direction as I fell in love with performance fibres such as elastic, polyester and wool. For my Graduate Collection I focused on creating my own sportswear clothing, featuring a Thermal Comfort garment, Lightweight and Breathable garments along with some sporty fabric samples.

Graduate collection, Sportsluxe outerwear for women.

After finishing university I worked for Tom Dixon and Joseph Joseph as a Technologist. I loved what I did and enjoyed working for these companies but I really missed creating and being creative in general so I decided it was time to follow my dreams and set up Knitluxe Studio. Nowadays it takes up pretty much all of my time but I love the occasional bespoke projects that I do as well as my core collections.

In my next few blogs I'll show you all my design processes (starting with some new colours for the following winter accessories) and most importantly about the material I use for all of my products: wool.

Thank you for reading, see you next time!


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