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Support Independent Makers this holiday season.

An amazing selection of my favourite fellow designer-makers.

It is perhaps more important now than ever to support Independent makers and Small Business owners.

I consider my Instagram community inspiring and full of amazing makers whom I've met along the way of my Indie Business' journey.

Please find this beautiful selection of my favourite fellow makers (along with our Gifts at the bottom), I can personally recommend every single one of them as I have already bought from most of them or met them on market fairs.

Francis + Louise is a contemporary luxury accessories brand, born out of an obsession with print, colour and pattern and their unique ability to express a mood or feeling.

Kerri creates unique accessories and gifts from her original artwork that is digitally printed using eco-friendly inks on 100% natural fabrics. She paints and draws using a combination of pen, ink, acrylics and directly into the computer. She takes inspirations from all around her mostly influenced by the natural world, architecture and the playfulness of colour and shape.

Her passion for print and colour is at the forefront of her collections, with each piece playfully imagined with a sophisticated edge. F+L is made in the UK by Kerri and highly trained artisans.

Francis + Louise pieces evoke the excitement of rummaging through a vintage shop and catching a glimpse of something for its colour or pattern, and the potential it has for your wardrobe. Kerri sources high quality wool, cotton and silks and design every product considering the way it feels on the body.

Kerri trained as a printed textile designer and has been working in the fashion industry for over 15 years, working with brands across the world including Filippa K, Calvin Klein, H&M, Duchamp, BCBG Max Azria, DKNY and Anthropologie.

In March 2018, at 14 weeks pregnant, Kerri launched Francis+Louise (F+L), named after her middle name and her Dad’s name.


Poeco Creation

Founder and Designer-maker, Pauline created Poëco in 2017 after the birth of her daughter. Her products are perfect items and presents for babies, young children and even adults. She hand-makes all of her creations and her design process includes hand drawing the motifs then later gets it printed on Organic cotton with eco-friendly inks.

Being an ethically conscious small business, she only and explicitly uses materials with OEKO-TEX (free from harmful substances) label which makes Poëco a healthy and eco-friendly label.

Her ethical ethos and hand crafted creations makes a really thoughtful present, not just at Christmas as she offers a wide range of different of products.

To purchase Pauline's ethical products, go to Babies Children Parents Goods OEKO-TEX by PoecoCreation on Etsy


Rum & Ginger Home

Rum & Ginger Home offer a carefully curated collection of decorative home accessories. Rum & Ginger design due is committed to bringing stylish and unique products to market, mixing vintage with contemporary pieces to provide a perfect cocktail of home styling.

To see Rum & Ginger's beautiful creations, go to: www.rumandgingerhome.co.uk

For any queries, direct message Rum & Ginger.


Animl By Design

A Londoner now based in the adopted home of Wells in Somerset, Jo has been an accessories designer for the high street for 10 years designing bags for Jigsaw, Mint Velvet, Clarks amongst others. Jo has always wanted the opportunity, once her kids got old enough to change careers and follow her dreams of being an illustrator so when she got made redundant it was her chance ( albeit during a pandemic ) Hugely inspired by print and pattern in nature and animals, Jo started painting animals in Jan 2020, and then her work developed into textile print style designs such as the new 'Birds of Paradise collection'. Jo sells Giclee prints ( superior museum-quality prints ) and cards of her work, which are then hand foiled individually making each one unique. Launched on Instagram initially the business has gone from strength to strength this year. Her love of product has not left her in this new venture, Jo has big plans next year to develop stationery, interiors and maybe even handbags all with the theme of animals or inspired by printed animal pattern. The power of social media has meant she has sold as far afield as Hong Kong and the US.

To get in touch and purchase Jo's dreamy creations, go to: https://animlbydesign.com

To follow Animl By Design; https://instagram.com/animl_by_design


Amy Kay Woven Textiles

Amy is a woven textiles Designer from the Isle of Man. She specialised into woven textiles in her 2nd year, studying Textiles: Innovation and Design at Loughborough University. In 2017 Amy moved back to the Isle of Man, where she was born. From then she has been weaving in her spare time and building up her small business. Amy weaves all her own fabric and uses mainly lambswool to produce a variety of woven accessories from headbands to scarves, always with an eye on the contemporary. Amy’s work is full of colour and patterns which would brighten up any day.


Earth Kissed Ceramics

Debbie first tried throwing at the potters wheel one sunny Saturday morning on a day out with her girlfriends a couple of years ago, thinking they'd try it for a laugh! That day actually changed her life and she was hooked from the very first try. Very quickly she bought her own pottery wheel and a second hand kiln and since then spent every spare moment making ceramics.

She enjoys making items that she hopes will make people laugh or smile and then share their laughter or smiles with someone else. She hopes her works and ceramics encourage others to connect in a joyful way. Lately she's also been using her Instagram account to promote positive psychology and connection in ways that hopefully will be beneficial to others.

Debbie's main work as a psychodynamic counsellor and yoga teacher proves constantly that connecting with others in positive ways is one of the mainstays of a happy life. And who doesn’t want that?

To connect, contact and follow Debbie on Instgram: Debbie 🌎 UK (@earthkissedceramics) • Instagram photos and videos


Vui Vui Botanic Atelier

Vui Vui Botanic Atelier founder and designer-makers, Carl discovered natural soaps in 2006 and it became his passion. To his delight his previous skin problem soon disappeared, and his skin not only felt good but looked healthy and glowing too. Since then he is exclusively using natural skin care products.

Carl's initial interest in natural soaps blossomed in 2014 into a passion for natural soap making and VuiVuibodycare was born. he's thrilled to be able to share his line of organic skincare products and this passion with you. All of his luxurious products are created in small batches using only sustainably sourced organic and natural botanical ingredients.

Vui Vui's vision is to make the highest quality organic skincare products for a natural healthy you.

Vui Vui is very proud to support Orangutan and rainforest conservation through the mission of Borneo Orangutan Survival UK. A portion of all sales goes to their vital work.

To purchase Carl's amazing products, go to: VUI VUI BOTANIC ATELIER (vuivuibodycare.com)


Kjrosser Art

Kathryn Rosser lives and works in South Wales, UK. She graduated with a Fine Art degree from Swansea Metropolitan University (now UWTSD) in 2010 before completing her PGCE in Secondary Art & Design. She has since been developing her own artistic practice alongside her teaching career.

She describes her work as a personal journey through land and air- where lines, marks, texture and colour become an intuitive choice based on a place or experience.

The outdoors is integral to her practice. From semi-abstract depictions of landscapes close to her home and further field- to purely gestural pieces inspired by the immersive feeling of being in and surrounded by land, sea, sky and the elements.

Her aim is to translate some of the contrasts in nature- from calm, mellow cloud formations in muted palettes, to rough, wild seas and bracing weather in bold marks and brushstrokes.

Often working from sketches made within the landscape, she then retreats to the studio, adapting and working from initial responses to create pieces which teeter somewhere between emotional recollection and clarity of form.

Kathryn offers a range of sketches, original works, and high quality Giclee prints through her social media accounts. She also accepts commissions on request.

To purchase Kjrosser Art stunning peices, go to: www.kathrynjrosserart.com

To follow Kathryn on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kjrosserart/


Needle Felt Workshop

Founder and designer-maker, Iveta creates adorable decorations and Christmas baubles from wool with a process called needle felting. Iveta is an emerging new designer and managing her small business as a one women operation.

Iveta loves to gather inspiration for her designs from pictures of real animals or plants and especially draw ideas from her personal life, for example, her “Bouncy Bunny Rabbit Christmas Bauble” is inspired by her partner’s childhood rabbit called Flopsy. She loves turning precious animals into adorable needle felts, this includes: personalised cat butt magnets, Harry Potter themed owl baubles, precious robin decorations and much more!

If you would like a glimpse into some of her process please have a browse on her Instagram page to find a short video.


Melissa Donne Studio

Melissa is an illustrator from Portsmouth on the South Coast. She draws bright and playful contemporary botanical compositions, all underpinned by her love of colour and pattern. She works predominantly with digital illustration but has more recently begun to explore Risograph printing to produce really striking, vibrant results.

Her brand was started in mid-2019 and sustainability is very important to her - all her prints and cards and now made using FSC certified and recycled stock and all her packaging is biodegradable. Her future goals include expanding her range into new products and further exploring printmaking techniques including screenprinting.



Emily, founder and designer-maker runs small business called Swell, selling hand woven accessories and watercolour prints based on the lovely British coast. She has always loved being by the sea and excited to bring that into my products for others to enjoy - her current seaside inspiration is pebbles!

Her small business places huge emphasis on consciously designing products that have the lowest impact on the environment. All her artwork is printed on recycled paper and in all of her products, uses natural materials and fibres wherever possible! The textiles industry is one of the biggest polluters and I would like to challenge that stereotype by carefully sourcing everything that goes into her products. She hopes that the products she designs can be cherished and kept as an heirloom for the future by her customers.

She generally used wool in her weaving practice but have also dabbled in using more unusual fibres such as SeaCell (yarn made from algae!) and pineapple fibres and always looking for new things to try.

Emily currently runs an online store she updates as often as she can, however she wants to practice slow craft by making small batches of items and therefore celebrating the lovely craft of hand weaving.

To purchase Emily's beautiful products, go to: Home | Swell Design (bigcartel.com)


I Think That You Are Magic

'Who do you think is magic?

Hannah, creator of I Think That You Are Magic is creating feel good flowers, bounqets and running workshops from her London studio.

Read her inspiring story below:

'A good few years ago, I got a bit silly about flowers. It was just a hobby that gradually turned into a bit of an obsession. I turned the flat upside down most weekends mucking about with bundles and bundles of flowers. Wielding scissors; preparing, arranging, playing. Foraging like a mad woman on bike paths and any green spaces. Friends started asking me to make up hand tied bunches, flower garlands, wedding flowers, and more. It's mega to know something I love to do, is being passed onto other people, and bringing them joy too. I love living in London but I wanted to make this city a bit smaller. Initially, when I was making hand tied bunches as a hobby, I’d find I’d made enough to give to strangers too. I’d leave these flowers in places and spaces around London for people to discover. Like a flower ninja. I still try and do this now, if I ever have left-over flowers. With the flowers, I leave a note explaining that I want that person to feel valued and extraordinary. Just a little reminder. I also leave a stamped envelope with my address on, asking that they write back to me to tell me all about someone they think is magic. You can find their postcards on my Instagram, like little windows into other people’s lives. Each story carries so much meaning. So it begins... Flower power, pass it on. In this beautiful, busy world where nothing ever stops, you can feel very small. I want to remind people there's good stuff in the world, and good people too. Flowers always remind me of that. So who do you love? Just pick up the phone, or wrap your arms around them if they're close by. If they're far away, write them a letter or send them a bunch of flowers.'

Hannah is also organising a Pop Up Shop for the Christmas period in London, 111 Highbury Park, N5 1UB, fro all to see her beautiful makes.

To get in touch with Hannah, go to: Florist London I think that you are magic.


Bark and Tumble

Founded by Leah Bertram, Bark and Tumble is a luxury and contemporary brand of hand-made dog clothing Based in Wales. Bark and Tumble was created with the desire to produce chic pieces for pets which are designed to complement the modern lifestyle of pet owners with functional and stylish products.

At Bark and Tumble we know how important it is for your pet to be comfortable, which is why all of our garments are thoughtfully hand-made to fit numerous dog breeds and sizes – without compromising style! Every garment that is produce is practical and easy-to-wear, and all of the fabrics are carefully sourced with durability and ethics in mind. This is why most of the collection is made with 100% organic cotton fabrics. Paying careful attention to the needs of both the pet, pawrent and environment!

With a degree in Fashion Design Founder Leah has been working in the fashion industry for the last 4 years, ranging from high street brands to luxury designers. She began her career designing menswear, focussing on function and simplicity by using luxury fabrics and fun print designs.

Before long after having her French Bulldog “Fendi”. Leah noticed that there weren’t many options for new and exciting dog clothing. Leah quickly realised that other people felt the same as her, wanting quality, desirable and fashionable clothing, which took into consideration the care and comfort of dogs. With her pattern cutting experience and knowledge in fashion and design, she used her energy and creativity to design clothes for Fendi. Before long, this expanded into an entire line of unique clothing for dogs which you can now shop online at barkandtumble.com

To purchase Bark and Tumble's super cute pet clothing, go to: Bark and Tumble – Bark and Tumble


White Stone Pottery

Founder and designer-maker, Kirsty is a porcelain potter from Perthshire Scotland and runs her small business, White Stone Pottery.

Kirsty works with both black and white porcelain to create unique pieces that are practical and ornate. She adores luminaries and porcelain is the perfect clay to create translucent holders to add warmth to your home.

Her ranges are The Little Bothy, Sea, sky and birds, and Driftwood collection.

She hopes you can see the inspiration of the sea, the skies and the escapism in the Little Bothy range in particular that inspires her pieces.

Working with clay gives Kirtsy a sense of peace and purpose and hopes you enjoy her pieces and work that are carefully made with love.