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Stepping up for Guide Dogs

Read about our latest fundraiser for charity

Knitluxe Studio is stepping up for Guide Dogs!

I signed for a charity walk at the beginning of May to fundraise for Guide Dogs UK through Just Giving.

I set my goal to be 100,000 steps, completed on walks (dog walks) starting Monday the 24th and ended on Sunday, 30 th May while the fundraiser finished on the 11th of June.

I finished my walk on Sunday late evening, the 30th May and by then I have walked 102,553 steps and raised £154, reaching my set target of £125.

Thank you again to those who have donated, cheered me on, shared my link, read and followed my journey.

If you wish to see my progress, I attach the link below where you can see the fundraiser.


The weather wasn't great, it was raining most days at the beginning of the week of my walk but by the end I was delighted to see sunshine. Summer is to arrive at long last! And of course, it was much easier to walk in the rain and cloudy weather than super hot, sunny day.

We stopped quite a few times on our walk and many times I ended up carrying Minnie, she's only small still and cannot walk too far. She turnded 17 weeks old when my walk took place.

I always love visiting the gardens at Hughenden Park, full of herbs, flowers, plants and vegetables. I just wish my garden would resemble this, there's definitely room for improvement!

I also took some images of trees and flowers on the way home from my walks.

More about the charity and fundraiser I chose:

How the raised funds are divided:

  • Fun, tactile activities to help children co-ordinate their muscles and movements.

  • Eye test each for two guide dogs in training

  • Training School Kit for one of our guide dog trainers who will teach pups the specialist skills they need as fully qualified guide dogs.

  • Birthing Kit containing all the essential equipment for a guide dog mum to safely deliver her puppies.

Again, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in my fundraiser in any way.

I'm looking forward to my next fundraiser challenge!

Take care, until next time,

Szilvi x


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