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Meet my new helper, Izzy!

Welcoming Izzy, my new intern for the summer.

Izzy has joined me for the summer to gain work experience, to learn about the trade, and to gain a better understanding of what goes into running a small business as a sole trader.

You can read more about Izzy below:

'Hi, I’m Izzy and I am a Textile Design student at Norwich University of the Arts, about to go into my third and final year. I am mostly interested in crochet, embroidery, and printing and have a love for bright, warm colours and floral and whimsical design. With my work, I hope to bring colour, joy, and vibrancy to life, taking inspiration from nature and the things I enjoyed about my childhood, which I feel adds an aspect playfulness and fun to my pieces.

Outside of university, I enjoy being outdoors in the sunshine, reading books, and spending time with my friends, family, and my cat, Fluffy. I’ve always had a love for all things arts and crafts and in my spare time, I love drawing, painting, and creating things out of clay and hope in the future to have a career where I can continue to design and create.'

Izzy's work and cat, Fluffy

Izzy's crochet creations

Izzy's weave samples

She's overseeing tasks such as sewing in ends, sewing labels, creating content for social media, organising samples, typing up my calculations and knit instructions, mindmapping display ideas for markets and domestic single bed knitting.

Izzy's hands at work and a sneak peek at the new Ginevra colourway.

Izzy's a tremendous help for me, while I'm getting ready for a very busy winter period, with a number of wholesale orders and an exciting, well known 3 day market in November (more about this later). Winter might be still a long way away, I find that this time usually goes so quick. I'm also preparing for a high number of students at my part time Knitwear Technician's job at Buckinghamshire New University, students whom will specialise in knitted textiles.

Wish me luck:)

Have a wondeful summer, until next time



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